Safi Stealth Messenger

Safi is a sophisticated system that enables secure, stealth communications (text, voice, video, images) not requiring any personal information such as a phone number or email, nor access to your phone contacts.

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While using Safi, even if someone manages to take a screenshot, use a screen recorder, or an external device to record your message contents, you are less exposed because contents would appear as from an anonymous source (your user ID).

While some secure peer to peer messaging apps may enable encrypted communication between devices without the need to create an account or use a remote server, they may still be vulnerable to Trojan and Keylogger attachments, exchange hardware information, and primary identifiers are stored on devices and often do not change.


Safi Messenger does not require access to your phone contacts. Some messaging apps even when secure may require such access and even store such data on their servers without you being aware. Safi Messenger also doesn't require a phone number or email, as they can often be used to identify you. You simply create a unique user ID (SLID) that can be changed at any time. Your registration data (userID and password) is also encrypted using AES-256 and randomly generated keys.

Once changed, the old user identifier becomes invalid and cannot be used by others to message you or create another account. Safi also enables the secure transmission of documents, images, voice, and video recordings by automatically scanning all files once they are uploaded onto our servers, thereby significantly reducing the chances of your device getting infected with malware.


In addition to securing your communication (text, voice and video calls and attachments) with end-to-end military grade encryption, all messages and file contents self-destruct once read, and do not remain on our servers once delivered. Safi's strong password requirement ensures that only you can access and read your messages, even if someone else is able to unlock and access your device.

We do not store your private decryption key on our servers. It is randomly generated and stored on your device when you access the application.


Safi offers a unique "Selective Blocking" feature which enables you to temporarily or permanently stop receiving calls from a contact, while still allowing them to send you messages and attachments.

This functionality gives you complete control over who you choose to talk to, and what you choose to receive from anyone (text, audio, videos, images, calls) at any given time.

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